What I'm Loving Lately: Hipster Rosé, 20€ Haircuts + DIY Breakfast Burritos

From the best new way to drink rosé riverside (out of a jam jar!) to an affordable hair salon in Lyon, to finally figuring out what to do with that farmer's market mystery vegetable, here are a few of my more recent discoveries...

1. It's finally rosé season, hooray! Now that the weather is finally starting to get nicer (except today - it rained nonstop), everyone has started to congregate along the river(s) here. Inspired by this new hangout spot, a few friends decided to take full advantage of the sunny weather last week with a little outdoor HH. Since it was a last minute idea, all I had in my fridge was a bit of leftover rosé wine and some strawberries. I sliced a few of the strawberries and put them in an empty jam jar which I then tossed in the freezer for about an hour. Then I filled the jar with a glass (or two!) of wine and voilà! Chilled wine to go for an impromptu apéro au bord de la Saône

2. For a haircut that won't break the bank, look no further than Lawrence Coiffure. I was hunting around for weeks, trying to find an affordable chop. One of the best haircuts I ever got was in Nice, but it was also 50€ (gulp). Determined to find a decent cut, without cutting into my grocery budget for the week, I scoped out as many salons as I could (and there are a lot in Lyon!) The best price I could find was 35€ (before tip) for the standard coupe-shampooing-brushing. Still a little on the steep side for me and my student budget. That's when a friend of mine (thanks, Adi!) told me about a salon in Écully offering a tarif étudiant: 13€ for guys and 20€ for girls. Sold. I walked out with a fresh trim, strict instructions from Sandra to apply some sort of moisturizing product to my strands (trop sec!) and money in my pocket. Mission accomplished!

3. Vegetable "fries" are delicious and ridiculously easy to make. Each time I go to the farmer's market here I seem to come across a strange-looking vegetable I've never seen before (we mostly eat carrots in the U.S.) At first I avoided anything too unfamiliar because I didn't know how I would cook it. Deciding I needed to branch out and expand my culinary horizons, I picked up a navet jaune (the yellow looking ball in the photo above) at one of my favorite stands. "Vous pouvez faire des frites ou de la purée avec ça," the old man behind the table advised me. Fries! With something other than potatoes? Genius. A little olive oil, seasoning and you're in business. 

International MBA ladies!

International MBA ladies!

4. Cake + Sephora overload = a few of my favorite things. A few weeks ago I was talking to some of the girls in my program about how we have all this makeup we never use (I know!) You go into Sephora and the packaging is just so pretty, you can't resist splurging on that Urban Decay Naked palette. But then you realize that you aren't actually prepared to pull off a smoky eye on most days of the week. So Sylvie, a former Sephora employee and self-proclaimed beauty devices geek, offered to have everyone over to her adorable apartment for an afternoon of sweets and makeup tutorials. So much fun!

5. Better-than-Chipotle breakfast burritos. As much as I love French food, I do miss a little Tex-Mex from time to time (read: guac). So when my friend Aaron proposed we make breakfast burritos for brunch on Easter Monday, I immediately said yes. Of course, I couldn't fathom the idea of brunch without something sweet, so I decided to try my hand at an overnight French toast bake. What else was I supposed to do with that day-old baguette and jar of Nutella? The baked French toast turned out pretty well, but the burritos really hit the spot.