What I'm Loving Lately: Rhubarb Bread, Lazy Sundays and the New IKEA Catalogue

1. Rhubarb bread. I'm a sucker for anything with rhubarb in it, especially my grandma's rhubarb torte. On the other hand, banana bread is pretty much my favorite food in the world. So when I saw this rhubarb streusel bread on my Instagram feed, I had to have the recipe. Originally from Taste of Home, my friend's mom was the one who shared it with me, so now I'm sharing it with you here (plus two other brunch-worthy breads!) 

2. Lazy Sundays. Living in France has taught me the art of living Sunday to the fullest. Here, Sundays are a day for family and relaxing. Most stores aren't open so you can't run errands. Darn. Guess I'll just have to go to the pool or eat a massive lunch. C'est la vie. But on a more serious note, I do think there is something to this whole "enjoy Sunday" concept. Before I moved here, I would spend my last day of the weekend running to the grocery store, doing laundry, cleaning - everything I neglected to do all the other days of the week. I still do all those things, but I try and sneak them in earlier, with a trip to the grocery store on Thursday night or a load of laundry on Saturday morning. That way, I can just sit back and actually enjoy the day of rest. Sunday scaries, no more.

3. Vision boards. A little (or a lot) late to the game on this one, I'd like to think I've been making these since before they were all over Pinterest. From my high school days, I've been cutting out words and pictures from my teetering stacks of magazines (that I refused to throw out) and plastering them all over any surface within reach. Who doesn't need a little a visual inspiration from time to time?

4. Pinterest-inspired, messy French twists. I used to do a more severe, slicked-back version that makes me cringe when I see it in photos. This dishelved updo is easier than it looks, for real. The look is supposed to be messy, so it's okay if a few hairs stick out. You will need lots of bobby pins and even more hairspray. This style holds best with day two (*ahem* or three) hair, making it ideal for the end of the week. I like to start with a side part, but you could do without. Gather hair in a low ponytail (without actually securing it), and twist as you pull it upward. Secure with bobby pins. Gently pull hair up on crown for a bit of extra volume and a few face-framing strands before spraying. This last step is key to avoiding the slicked-back style I used to sport back in the day (yikes).

5. The 2017 IKEA catalogue is here and it may be the best one yet. Nothing says fall like the arrival of a fresh IKEA catalogue, am I right? Maybe I was just excited to have some mail, but this year's edition seemed extra shiny and magazine-like sitting there in my boîte aux lettres. Then I stumbled across this Adweek article talking about the catalogue and its models with a funny tongue-in-cheek video . Also I couldn't help but notice that the some of the section headers resemble a certain blog...

Bon weekend à tous!


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