Weekend Favorites: Surprisingly Easy, YouTube-Inspired Updos, Matisse + the Best Baby Gift

Things around here have been pretty quiet lately, but sometimes that's a good thing right? In French when you have one of those weekends where you don't do much you say it was a weekend tranquillou. A weekend without plans, where you just kind of go with the flow. Maybe you check out that art exhibit you've been meaning to see for months, try out a new bakery, a new hairstyle, or in my case, all three. 

1. YouTube-inspired updos. Lately, I've taken up practicing different hairstyles as a hobby (channeling my 13-year-old self and my notebook of "hair ideas"). 

Several YouTube tutorials later, I found these three that look way fancier than they actually are: Hairstyle #1: Super Simple Updo, Alex Gaboury // Hairstyle #2: Double Braided Updo, Milabu // Hairstyle #3: Pull Through Braid, Annie Forget Me Knots

2. La Chenille Qui Fait des Trous. How adorable is this French edition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? I forgot all about this book until I saw it in the window of a bookstore the other day. I was with friends who are actually expecting their first child in April. It's funny because so many of my friends here seem to be in that phase of life, while most of my closest friends back home aren't even engaged or married yet! Anyway, my friend Anne pointed it out, saying it was one of her favorite books as a child. A few days later, as I thought about what to get for a baby gift (the third one this year!), I realized that a book like this one would be so cute. Plus, with clothes, I never know what size to get (newborn or 0-3 months? 3-6 months??)

The card is supposed to be a baby buggy but ended up looking more like a Pacman...#Pinterestfail

The card is supposed to be a baby buggy but ended up looking more like a Pacman...#Pinterestfail

3. Best new(ish) wine bar: Bones & Bottles. An impressive wine list gets paired with an original selection of tapas. Mix it up from the usual planche charcut/fromage (though that is good) with an order of fish and chips or marinated artichoke hearts. Not pictured: the 300 grams of Mont d'Or cheese (literally a box of melted cheese) and potatoes we ordered, because this is winter in France after all ;) 

4. Brunch @ l'Œnothèque. I think I've probably said this about every brunch I've ever tried but this one is seriously so. good. For 25 euros you have three massive courses, a nice change from the usual buffet spread, especially toward the end when all that's left are a few sad pancakes and a slice of quiche. Pictured below is the first course. Highlights include the mini cups of yogurt with homemade granola and the pâte à tartiner chocolat-caramel au beurre salé (like a homemade Nutella if Nutella was chocolate-caramel instead of chocolate-hazelnut). Spread it on the bread...or the brioche (hey, no judgements). 


5. Henri Matisse, le laboratoire intérieur @ le Musée des Beaux Arts. The sunny courtyard alone makes this museum worth visiting. I finally got around to going (for the second time since I've lived here!) last weekend for the Matisse exhibit. A collection of the artist's sketches, paintings and sculptures are grouped by theme in different rooms. I'd recommend it but hurry - March 6 is the last day!  

x Stephanie