France, Part II: Lyon

The second part of our trip was one of the main reasons for going. I found myself going back to visit schools. And now I’m leaving in a week to go back—for a year. Say what?! I could see how an announcement like, “I’m moving back to France to go back to school for my MBA” seems a little out of left field but allow me to explain.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m ready for a change. After graduating college, I landed a job with a Minneapolis-based publishing company. A dream come true, especially after journalism school and four years of hearing how difficult it would be to find a job. I started as a fact-checking, wedding dress-fetching intern, and it wasn’t long before I found myself on a team of food editors creating custom content for a huge client. After three years of working post-undergrad, I’m ready to go back to school. I’ve always known I would go back for my Master’s and somewhere in the back of my mind was a resolution to move back to France. So I started looking into MBA programs abroad.

After doing my research and comparing different programs, I applied and was accepted into the international MBA program at EMLyon. So I thought why not go to visit, and while we’re at it, plan a little trip to see the city. Josh and I had a blast exploring this historic, vibrant, food-centric town and I got to visit EMLyon's campus. Here are some photos from that whirlwind of a weekend: 

First glimpse of Lyon: very bike-friendly, just like Minneapolis!

Lyon is built around not one but TWO rivers: the Rhône and the Saône. Hey, that rhymes!


A quiet, pretty spot in the city where we decided to have lunch. 

Sitting on the steps of a pretty old building, enjoying fresh baguette sammies. Does it get any better?

We stumbled across these cars parked bumper to bumper (literally!) Not an uncommon scene but had to snap a pic nonetheless. 

Another familiar scene: the café. One of too many coffee breaks to count! 


One of the coolest streets I've ever seen!

Gelato and what else? Espresso! Our reward for hiking up the aforementioned street. There's nothing like grabbing a seat outside and watching the show go by.

Gorgeous views.

Pictured here are some of the oldest, most famous parts of the city. You can see an ancient Roman amphitheater in the foreground. And on the hill in the background, you have la Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière and le Tour métallique de Fourvière.

The symbol of Lyon.

A never-ending staircase? Challenge accepted.

I spy the tower!

And the Basilica!

Inside the cathedral. Stunning!

On the way down. Views to be had around every corner!

Beef Street.

Searching for the perfect Bouchon Lyonnais for dinner. This one appeared to be converted into an antique shop so it was a no-go.

About to experience the traditional cuisine Lyonnaise!

The salad was the best part of the meal by far. A poached egg, des lardons (bacon pieces), and crusty bread croutons? Sign me up!

La fête de la musique was going on while we were there. Different bands play outdoor concerts during some of the longest days at the end of June. It's free and really fun to check out!

The new opera house!

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse: a giant indoor food market.

Lunch was Quiche Lorraine.

Le Parc de la Tête d'Or is like the Central Park of Lyon.

And that was Lyon! A city I will call home for the next year. Now to find an apartment...