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While I'm no packing expert, I do have a strong opinion on where to find the best souvenirs (hint: go to the grocery store). I remain convinced that the best way to explore a new city is by walking - from one restaurant to the next. 


From France With Love: Souvenirs You'll Actually Want to Keep

Experience has taught me that you can find some of the best souvenirs (and by best I mean either practical or edible) at the grocery store. That's right, these are items that actually serve a purpose, as well as a little reminder of France.


5 Ways to Picnic Like a Pro

J’aime les pique-niques. There’s just something about stretching out on the grass with good food and good company. Better than a dinner at the fanciest 5-star restaurant (and a break from restaurants in general which tend to be in no short supply while on vacation), these impromptu meals alfresco are the stuff travel memories are made of. 


Get Out of Town! 3 Mini Day Trips from Lyon

Wine tasting, lunch in a chateau and flea market shopping: here's what to do if you're staying in Lyon and want to explore a bit beyond the city - no car needed!