Line up! 3 places in Paris actually worth the wait

Visiting Paris, or even living here, means waiting in line - a lot. Here are 3 must-sees, even when you have to faire la queue.

1. Versailles

Can you visit Paris without seeing Versailles? If you're here for longer than a weekend, and you like fancy French buildings, I'd say this one is a must-see. Don't skip the gardens - they are stunning and go one for miles. 

Pro tip: The first Sunday of the month is free during the off season (Nov. - March). For more info check out this handy little FAQ.

2. Ober Mamma

Two HEC business school grads opened a pizzeria in 2015, importing all the ingredients (and servers) from Italy. Two years later there are six restaurants in the Big Mamma group, scattered across the city, each one more popular than the last. Like line-around-the-block popular.

Twice I tried, and failed, to get a table, once at Ober Mamma, and then another time at sister restaurant Pink Mamma. Each time it was the same story: no table before 22h00, désolé. A friend of mine jokes that these kinds of places are "too Parisian for their own good." You know the place: super trendy, ze place to be but the line to get inside is un peu abusé quoi.


The verdict? Cool atmosphere, Italian servers and good pizza at a very reasonable price. Not sure if it quite lived up to all the hype (a 3-hour-minimum wait for a table is a bit ridiculous) but they must be doing something right because Parisians keep lining up for these places night after night! 

Pro tip: Go on a weeknight and/or get there early (genre 18h max) to put your name in, then post up at the café across the street for pre-dinner drinks or hit a few of the nearby shops and boutiques before they close. 

3. Expo Dior


I had my doubts about the Christian Dior exhibit at le Musée des Arts décoratifs, just next to the Louvre. But the line to get in is always long so that means it must be good right? Not always the case, but this one was definitely worth the wait. 

Pro tip: order your tickets online a few days in advance to skip the line but hurry! Ends January 7, 2018.