Polka Dots and High Tops

Let me begin by saying I'm no fashion expert. Nor do I claim to be. But you know that feeling when your outfit just works? Here are a few times that happened to me recently:

1.     Collared shirt + statement necklace. Is this still even a trend? Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on.

Get the Look: J. Crew shirt, Target Necklace. Ann Taylor cardigan.

2.     So many polka dots, so little time. Bonus points awarded for nail art. (Never underestimate the power of a bobby pin when trying to paint little dots on your nails.)

Get the Look: J. Crew shirt, Fossil watch, Nail polish: Essie Ladylike and Orly White Out.

3.     Nike high tops + anything. Just do it. I once read in an issue of Marie Claire that Nina Garcia always gets dressed from the ground up. As someone who always thinks about shoes last, this was news to me. Footwear, more than just an afterthought? Well, if that's how the fashion editors are doing it...

Get the Look: Nike shoes (duh), Guess leather jacket, Dylan George Jeans.