Wardrobe Staple: Natalja's Michael Kors Bag

Happy Friday, folks! Kicking off the weekend we've got a little style inspiration from my well-dressed Latvian friend Natalja. When I first heard the story behind her gorgeous, goes-with-anything bag, I thought it was too good not to share...

My relationship with my Michael Kors bag is almost soap opera-like. We went through love at first sight to “my precious” stage to losing each other before finally reuniting.

I first saw the petite, dark blue Michal Kors bag on a friend of a friend who was visiting from Paris. The moment I saw it, I fell in love…le coup de foudre. I knew one day it would be mine, but the timing was never right. First I needed to pay a luxurious bill for a moving company (I was moving from Madrid to Lyon at the time), then my MBA started and I was too busy exploring France or catching up on sleep…Until one day I got it as a birthday present from my boyfriend. We always said we would only give each other experiences as gifts, so this made the bag even more special.

Bag by  Michael Kors . Photo by Natalja.

Bag by Michael Kors. Photo by Natalja.

I was protecting the bag like “my precious,” totally Gollum style, keeping it from the eyes of the mass. It was only out twice with me, both times for dinner with my family to very good restaurants here in Lyon. Until I told myself, Michael Kors bags are not luxury, and I should not fear being out in public with it… Then there was a usual Friday night in a bar, where it got stolen…

Losing my baby was hard, I still remember all the details of the night it was stolen. All the hardship I went through telling the story over and over to the policeman. Yes, there was an iPhone inside, and my identity card, and of course my credit card as well, and many more other personal things. I fought back tears.  But the moment I was finally home that night, I broke down crying with only one phrase on my lips: I really liked that bag.

Days passed, I was restoring myself piece by piece, new credit card, new phone, identity cards… I was still mourning for my bag, remembering how beautiful it was and how much I loved it.  I was checking leboncoin every day to see if by any chance the bad person who took it would like to give it back at some price. And then I gave up…

Then one day, around Christmas time, I came back home and I found a beautiful new dark blue, petite Michael Kors bag waiting for me. At first I thought it was miracle, that my bag had magically returned to me. I soon realized it was my boyfriend who couldn’t stand to see me suffering and got me a new one.

Since then we live happily ever after… but I never let the bag out of my sight, just to be on the safe side.