How Muesli Became My New Favorite Breakfast

Hallo! Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. With that, allow me to tell you about my latest coup de cœur when it comes to le petit déjeuner (side note: the literal translation from French is 'little lunch' but there is nothing little about this breakfast). Are you ready? It's muesli. I know, I know. I'm late to the party. Over a hundred years late, if you consider the fact that the original recipe was introduced around 1900 by a Swiss physician. 

Though it's far from being a new concept, I guess you could say the Swiss-German cereal is a bit trendy right now, if that's even possible for a food? My mom used to say cupcakes were in style, which would make my sister and I laugh, but it turns out she was right. 

With all the recent hype, I finally decided to give this trend a try this past week while on vacation with some friends. With the exception of one insanely rich breakfast involving a cup of melted chocolate and crispy, sugary churros, we decided to eat in most mornings to save a little money. 

Daniel's girlfriend Anne is originally from Germany, where muesli is commonly eaten for breakfast. Anne showed us the proper way to prepare our muesli, from the bowl (not too shallow) to the fruit (finely chopped) to the mix of cereals (the more, the merrier). 

A mix-and-match muesli feast! (Yes, those are my feet in the corner.)

A mix-and-match muesli feast! (Yes, those are my feet in the corner.)

Basically you start with the chopped fruit, then add your muesli. Anne makes her own by mixing raw oats, spelt grain, almonds, and dried fruit. You can also buy the pre-packaged kind, but watch out for "crunchy muesli" which is basically granola. I also have a special place in my heart for the more sugar-packed, baked version, but it should be noted the original birchermüesli calls for raw rolled oats, ground nuts and seeds. 

To your fruit and cereal mix, you can add yogurt and/or milk. We used a bit of both! Beyond the basics, you can try whichever combination best suits you.

Here are a few of my tried + true combos:

The Classic: Apple + Cinnamon + Almonds

Berrylicious: Strawberries + Raspberries + Blueberries

Choco-Banana: Banana + Cocoa Powder + Coconut 

While the traditional recipe involves apple, I couldn't give up my daily banana. While I alternate between cold cereal, oatmeal and the occasional batch of pancakes, the banana is a non-negotiable constant. I guess there are some things not even a muesli trend can change.

Note the requisite breakfast banana.

Note the requisite breakfast banana.

What about you? Have you tried muesli? What do you think?