The Best Cold (French) Press Coffee

Finally after what feels like weeks of non-stop rain here, we have some sunny weather! I don't know about you but when it starts to warm up, one of my favorite things to drink (besides rosé of course) is cold brew coffee.

What if I told you there was a way to turn your leftover morning coffee into a frosty, Starbucks-like concoction? That's right.

Because isn't there always leftover coffee? Somehow there always seems to be about a cup that lingers but it seems like such a shame to throw it away. So I've developed a new system where I save the extra cup to recreate the coffee shop beverage for a little afternoon pick-me-up. 

Step 1: Add cinnamon to the coffee grounds BEFORE brewing. I have a French press but this would work just as well with a traditional coffee maker (I think). This is genius because you get the cinnamon flavor minus the weird film that happens when you sprinkle it on top of an already brewed cup (à la Starbucks). It's like making your own flavored coffee! Watch out, Dunkin' Donuts.

Step 2: Transfer any leftover coffee from the morning to a glass jar. Add a generous splash of milk. I like to use demi-écrémé (2%) or almond milk, depending on what I have on hand. Then, the secret ingredient: vanilla! Seriously, this is a game changer. I find that with the vanilla flavor, I almost don't need to add a sweetener. I might throw in a spoonful of brown sugar if I'm feeling extra gourmande. Screw the lid on firmly and shake it up!

Step 3: Pop the jar into the fridge for later. You can even throw it in the freezer if you're in a rush. Just don't forget about it or you'll have a giant coffee ice cube...which actually wouldn't be the worst thing now that I think about it. I'd say an hour is probably more than enough time in the freezer, but maybe a few hours in the fridge. When you're ready to drink it, you can add a few ice cubes (a bit rare in France but I have an IKEA tray that does the trick).

And now you have a cold, caffeinated beverage to enjoy on a hot summer day. 

Bon café!