The Impulse Buy: Vintage Bar Cart Edition

Does it still count as an impulse buy if it doesn’t fit in the grocery store checkout aisle? Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not an impulse shopper. At all. I agonize over the smallest decisions. I’ve been known to debate over the ripeness of a bunch of bananas for longer than is socially acceptable to linger in the produce aisle. I'm weird.

I didn't even know I wanted a bar cart until I happened upon one at Hunt & Gather about two months ago. Okay that’s a lie. I’ve been noticing them here and there, and even considered a Pinterest DIY version.

Then I came to my senses and realized I have absolutely zero room in my apartment. Between my roommate Danielle and me, we have enough furniture (and stacks of magazines) to fill a small house.

And yet, all reason went out the window when I laid eyes on this beauty, nestled between a stack of trunks, white chair with a gold frame, and an old dress form. The swirly brass frame holds two frosted glass shelves, with a pretty gold design. 


I tried to resist, really I did. I walked away for a few minutes, telling myself if someone else bought it, then it wasn't meant to be. I nonchalantly browsed a few more sections of the store but I couldn't stop thinking about the cart. How great it would look with one of those stacks of magazines sitting on top of it. Starting to get a little nervous that someone had already swooped in, I made my way back through the maze of towering stacks of vintage-cool finds. 

The cart was still there. So, taking this as a sign, I bought it.

Now the cart is crammed between my bed and desk, functioning as a sort of bedside table.


So what did I learn from this absolutely unnecessary purchase? That sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers just because it makes you smile, or maybe something a little larger, like an antique piece of furniture.

I think I'll be back for the dress form, or maybe the chair.