Chez Moi: Lyon Apartment Tour

Happy Easter, friends! A few days late, but apparently Easter Monday is a thing in France. I hope everyone had a wonderful, chocolate-filled weekend. This year was a break from tradition for me and I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling just the slightest bit homesick for my mom's ham and cheesy potatoes. Not to mention the annual Easter basket, filled with chocolate bunnies and other goodies. Never too old for Easter baskets, that's my motto. 

Easter nostalgia aside, the inspiration for this (long overdue!) post are all the apartment tours I see on other blogs. I love seeing how other people decorate and organize their spaces, so I thought I'd share a glimpse of my own little home.

For all it lacks in terms of size and modern convenience, this flat has a certain old school charm, characteristic of buildings in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood. (Note: I apologize in advance for the grainy photos, courtesy of my equally vintage iPhone 4S.)

I shared a few pictures of my place shortly after moving here back in September, but I figured it was time for an update. I mean a set of curtains and string lights, that changes everything right?

Whoever coined the phrase 'humble abode' was definitely talking about this apartment. Seriously, we're talking tiny studio, former chambre de bonne, aka maid's room status. Still I was charmed by little details like the art deco mirror above the mantle. Since moving here, I see mirrors like this one everywhere and almost everyone that comes to visit comments that they or someone they know has one just like it.

My "kitchen" is a set of appliances clustered near the front door, about seven steps from my bed. When I first moved in I asked my landlady if I could take out the microwave, along with the 1960s-style cabinet below it, in order to make the whole arrangement a little less crammed. I was met with a firm Non! 

But the high ceilings and elegant window frame make up for the microwave-cabinet combo, right?

See the cute, square table? Along with the mirror, it's another one of my favorite pieces among the hodgepodge of furniture Madame Blot has managed to collect over the years.

The bed sits in a little alcove at the back of the unit. Inspired by the curtain rod hanging above the frame, I convinced myself that this would be a great opportunity to sew my own curtains, even though I've never sewed anything in my life. Great idea. Long story short, the fabric sat in its bag until I recently decided to hang it up without actually hemming it (shh). 

Another one of the many curiosities of this unit (right up there with the little window in the bathroom overlooking the hallway) is the built-in armoire next to my bed. For some reason it wasn't built straight across, hence my makeshift clothes hanging system using a random iron bar I found laying around. 

The photo below shows one of the many "charming quirks": a set of two wooden stairs, leading up to the world's tiniest doorway into the bathroom.

My window faces another building but if you lean out and look to the left, you have a pretty decent view of the Saône river. The Fourvière tower and cathedral are just to the left...

Et c'est tout! Nothing fancy, but it's starting to feel like home.